Embody the 
Wealthy Woman Within 
In a world where there is soooo much information about abundance, prosperity, and how to shift your mindset about money, worth & the possibility of living your truest, most authentic dream life…it can be hard to know what will truly work! So many people are 
Until Now... 
Here’s what could be blocking you…
The mindset about money is not only perceived in your thoughts, it is also perceived in the body!
As a matter of fact, the mindset about money, self-worth, career & life choices are actually LOCKED IN THE BODY!!
Did you know that your BODY houses the stress of your life as patterns that get locked in the Nervous System?
The nervous system's main job is to communicate with every other part of your body including your heart, skin, lungs, brain, digestive system, muscles, blood vessels, etc.

When the stress of life gets locked in the body, it changes the way your nervous system communicates so information is dulled, blurred, decreased, or mis-communicated.

When Fear, Failure, Not Enough & Stress get in the way, it's
difficult to shift the path of our truest authentic lives.

How do we transform our future by letting go of the past & shifting our body patterns ?
These patterns that get stuck in your body also predispose you to experience symptoms like unclear thinking, pain, tension, postural imbalances, emotional tensions, feeling overwhelmed, stressed about time, money or career, inability to sleep or sleep issues, trouble recovering from workouts, shallow breathing, and etc. The list goes on...

The moral of this story is that every experience you experience (whether positive or negative) has an anchor on and in the body!

And by uncovering these anchors you can help shift your relationship to yourself, your body, your family, your health, money, stress, work, children and truly anything that you feel STUCK about.

Reading the books and watching the lectures is just one avenue to achieving your greatness. When you actually EMBODY the Wealthy Woman Within &  take the actions to create the life of your biggest dreams, 
it's a whole new Life Game.

Through awareness of your true authentic SELF, consciousness & mindful practices you can Transform Your Life!

In This Full Day Workshop
You Will

Discover & break through Life Patterns holding you back from Abundance, Limiting Money Success, Career Goals, Self-Confidence & EMBODY the Wealthy Woman Within.

Women who are CURIOUS how living a bold, courageous, powerful, fearless, authentic & empowered life without reliving the patterns of the past. 
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